Company Profile

BYHEALTH Offers Science-based Nutrition

Established in 1995, BYHEALTH systematically introduced Vitamin & Dietary Supplements (VDS) into the indirect-selling field of the Chinese market in 2002. On December 15, 2010, BYHEALTH went public on ChiNext of Shenzhen Stock Exchange (SZSE). Since then, it has rapidly developed into the leading VDS brand, and industry benchmark, in China. In 2018, BYHEALTH acquired the Australian probiotics brand Life-Space. In May the same year, it acquired Pentavite, a children’s nutritional supplement brand with 80 years of history, previously owned by Bayer. Euromonitor data shows that in 2020, BYHEALTH topped China’s VDS industry with a market share of 10.3%. BYHEALTH has gradually developed into a global leader in the VDS industry.In 2021, BYHEALTH has become the sports food and nutrition supplier for TEAM China national team, providing nutritional products and scientific support to more than 70 Chinese national sports teams.

BYHEALTH Offers Science-based Nutrition

Upholding the strategy of “science-based nutrition”, BYHEALTH creates the ultimate nutritional products in the spirit of science. Based on modern nutrition science, BYHEALTH has set up a comprehensive scientific VDS system. BYHEALTH carries out continuous research in the field of science-based nutrition and nutritional intervention for chronic diseases, in partnerships with Netherlands Organization for Applied Scientific Research (TNO), Shanghai Institute of Nutrition and Health, Chinese Academy of Sciences, among other leading research institutes in the world.

BYHEALTH implements an R&D strategy that emphasizes the independent development of proprietary core technology and patented ingredients. By doing so, BYHEALTH continuously builds on its technological strength and differentiated competitive advantages. So far, we have developed more than 30 kinds of customized product ingredients and obtained more than 60 patents for ingredients and formulas.

Our "science-based nutrition" strategy focuses on precision-nutrition-related technologies, including new testing technologies, evaluation methods, health big data, functional products, knowledge maps, intelligent algorithms and other technological developments. As a result, the following results have been achieved over the years:

  • Push for the development of new functional products. So far, we have launched “Keylid” for bone and joint health, “Jian An Shi” for liver health, “EASEYE” for eye health, and “Shu Bai Ning” for cerebro-cardiovascular health;
  • Research comprehensively in the cardiovascular health area. We have developed a new product made with Fruitflow®, popularly known as “natural Aspirin”. It helps to maintain normal platelet aggregation;
  • Enter the field of nutritional anti-aging intervention. A product that reduces Advanced Glycation End Products (AGEs) had been developed and has already applied for the international Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT);discover procyanidin C1 (PCC1), a natural senolytic agent depleting senescent cells, which published at《Nature Metabolism》on December 6th 2021, uncovering the mechanism that how grape seed extract deplete senescent cells in the whole world.
  • Explore the field of intestinal micro-ecological balance. The new probiotic strains that we independently developed have been submitted for the international Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT). It marks the early steps for BYHEALTH’s progressive R&D advancement in frontier applied science fields such as immunity enhancement, intestinal flora regulation and blood lipid reduction;
  • Carry out cerebral functionality research. BYHEALTH continuously promotes the research of nutritional intervention on sleep, memory, emotional well-being, and dementia, etc.;
  • Other achievements made over the past decade include: the development of the world’s first personalized vitamin mini-tablet supplements; the first core-algorithm-embedded production equipment for such personalized mini-tablet products and; China's first fully automatic Dried Blood Spot (DBS) testing center independently developed and established by BYHEALTH;

In the future, BYHEALTH’s long-term goal of science-based nutrition is to achieve comprehensive intervention for human health. A number of cutting-edge research studies, including precision nutrition interventions and homeostasis capacity are in progress, aiming to improve the quality of life with science-based nutrition, facilitating the journey to the singularity of human life.

Global Ingredients, Global Nutrition

Taking the natural environment of ingredients into full consideration, BYHEALTH rigorously examines the source of every ingredient. BYHEALTH sources globally and scientifically for the best ingredients. It has given BYHEALTH its core competitive edge to differentiate itself in the homogenized market. So far, BYHEALTH imports ingredients from 23 countries/regions. We also have set up five exclusive ingredient supply bases in countries like Brazil and Australia. By gathering the essence of every region, BYHEALTH has built a "United Nations" of superior nutrition supplements.

Transparent Factory

BYHEALTH is the world's first enterprise certified with the Transparent Factory Management System. BYHEALTH Transparent Factory is a technically advanced smart manufacturing base for VDS with strict quality control. In 2017, BYHEALTH set up a national postdoctoral research workstation. In August 2018, The Transparent Factory was rated a state-level 4A Scenic Spot. It was honored with “National Green Factory” in the same year. In 2019, BYHEALTH built the industry’s first Nutrition Exploratorium. We also founded the Guangdong provincial academician workstation in the same year.

The Transparent Factory is now open to the public. With open arms, it also welcomes all walks of life in the industry to come and visit. BYHEALTH's laboratory is recognized by China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment (CNAS) and has developed a number of high-standard testing projects. The Transparent Factory imported over 150 world-renowned equipment from over 10 countries. It has the industry’s first smart continuous production line for solid dosage forms, setting a benchmark for continuous, smart manufacturing lines. By having traceable global ingredients and transparent production process, BYHEALTH is committed to providing world-leading quality nutritional products through strict quality control and lean & smart production.

Making nutrition products of highest quality in the world for families and friends rather than for clients

Working in the food-related industry is like walking on a tightrope. BYHEALTH always upholds the value of "integrity over intelligence". On July 31, 2018, BYHEALTH’s Chairman of the Board summarized the core principle of BYHEALTH’s quality control into 8 key points. They are seen as the cornerstone of business survival and development. "National regulations are just baseline standards. BYHEALTH needs to surpass all national standards." "Do not cross the red line. Don’t even think about it. Don’t take a chance. Even thinking about crossing the red line is guilty." " It’s like having a sword hanging overhead or walking on thin ice, which doesn’t allow a moment of slack, as quality is the lifeline of a food producer." "Quality is a matter of integrity, not a matter of money and technology." In 2016, BYHEALTH was awarded the Encouragement Award at the sixteenth China Quality Award. In 2017, BYHEALTH won the Guangdong Zhuhai Mayoral Quality Award. In 2019, we became one of the first enterprises certified by China’s integrity management system.

Core Value: “Integrity over Intelligence”

  • 1. Integrity over intelligence: BYHEALTH makes nutritional products of the highest quality in the world for families and friends rather than for clients. Products not suitable for the consumption of our kids, family members and friends must NOT be produced or released.
  • 2. Embrace change through innovation & respond to change with speed. An old map will never lead you to a new continent.
  • 3. Respect everyone and enjoy every day. Giving is receiving. The more you give, the more you receive.

Philosophy for Corporate Social Responsibility: " The more you give, the more you receive."

"Every life is of equal value no matter where he/she is born and lives". The philosophy of BYHEALTH’s social responsibility is "giving is receiving". The more one achieves, the more is expected of one. In 2005, BYHEALTH launched the “1+1+” Hope Project, which has helped to build a number of Hope Primary Schools. In 2011, it launched the major charity event "Health & Nutrition Express China Tour". In 2012, it started the "Nutrition Improvement Program for Children in Poverty-stricken Areas". In 2013, in association with China Youth Development Foundation, BYHEALTH initiated the "Hope Project - Nutritional Voluntary Supporting Education Program". Since 2013, BYHEALTH has started sponsoring the Basketball Season events for Hope Primary Schools initiated by Yao Foundation. In 2020, BYHEALTH made financial & in-kind donations totaling 35 million yuan to fight against COVID-19. At the same year, BYHEALTH donated more than 10 million RMB to promote the "1000 Days of Early Life Nutrition Program" with UNICEF; In 2021, BYHEALTH donated more than 5 million RMB through the China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation, in form of cash and nutritional materials, which will be used for the restoration of the disaster-stricken primary school in Gongyi, Henan Province and the nutritional support for teachers and students. BYHEALTH may have limited resources, but we will never give up helping the others...

BYHEALTH is committed to the "Consumer-oriented Approach", which in practice means creating greater value for consumers’ health. Recognizing that there is a shift in the nature of commerce from the conventional "trading" to "serving", BYHEALTH aims to selling "product + content + service + experience" rather than just selling products. Surrounding consumer health, with VDS as its core, BYHEALTH will extend upstream to OTC and downstream to functional foods.

Vision: to become the "United Nations" of nutrition supplements. In years to come, people may not remember the origin of BYHEALTH when they talk about it. BYHEALTH will become the “United Nations” of superior health supplements that selects the best from the best and gathers the essence of every region worldwide.

Mission: health management for healthy people.

"The value of BYHEALTH is all about how much we have contributed to customers' health!”

-By Liang Yunchao