Core Values

Integrity over intelligence

  • Byhealth aims to make nutrition products of the highest quality in the world for families and friends rather than for clients. Products not suitable for the consumption of our kids, families and friends must NOT be produced or released.
  • Integrity and transparency minimize the cost of interpersonal communication and social transaction.
  • Transparency reflects confidence and, more importantly, responsibility.

Embrace change through innovation, respond to change with speed

  • Byhealth’s genes of innovation and embracing change is the internal driving force of its constant growth.
  • An old map will never lead you to a new continent.
  • There is no future if we focus too much on the present.
  • Stop overthinking, start doing.

Respect everyone, enjoy every day

  • Every life is of equal value. The more one achieves, the more is expected of one.
  • Giving is receiving. The more you give, the more you receive.
  • Live in happiness, strive for happiness